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[GUIA] Tomba Empty [GUIA] Tomba

Missatge por Robinrunes el Dc 13 Jul - 12:50

Copipastejada del foro anglès a lo bruto:

The following is a Kawak's Tomb guide our guild, Kabal of Govinda (http://kabalseed.com), put together. We did our best to explain everything you will need to know when attempting to clear KT, but it's very possible that we missed something. If you find anything we left out or any errors, leave a comment and I'll edit the post at my earliest convenience. We hope this guide helps some of you out. Kabal will be posting guides in this manner for every instance from Heart of the Ocean to KT, and hopefully Grafu and Sardo castle in the future. Good luck and have fun!

Party Makeup and Reqs (my best guesses):
Tank - 100k HP buffed, 120k Defense buffed, 22k pattack, T8 level 60+ weapon
Healer - 38k HP unbuffed, X heals
DPS - 38k HP unbuffed, 28k pattack/mattack unbuffed, T8 level 60+ weapon(s)


Trash Mobs - To Boss #1
Trash Clear Execution - There isn't really anything special about the mobs on the way to 1st boss. Depending on your tank's stats and your heals, you can either straight-up tank the groups of mobs or use crowd control and the druid's "turn" skill Spirit Guidance to your advantage. Make sure you closely watch the start and endpoints for every patrol in relation to each other and pull at the opportune time. A badly-timed pull can kill even an overstatted group easily, so be careful not to just power through the trash mobs.
Spirit Guidance - This druid skill will turn an enemy mob into your ally for a set period of time. If you use it on a mob with other mobs in close proximity to it, the other mobs will attack it for the duration of the debuff. If you use this skill at the right times and on the right groups, you can clear entire rooms with ease. The mobs that can be turned on the way to 1st boss are Tomb Guards and Tomb Guardians, the others mob types are immune to the skill.


Boss #1 - Guzala Angerfang (10 million HP, 9 mementos)
Adds - There are coffins on the side of the boss room. During one complete phase of this boss encounter, 4 adds will one by one appear and attack the party. The adds will switch aggro randomly, "ping-ponging" between each member of your party. These adds are also invincible and will stack a debuff on players they attack that reduces their max HP and damage. You can prevent yourself from getting this debuff by kiting, so move around often if the adds aggro on your often and your skill rotation allows. There is a way to damage and kill these adds: by dragging them through traps.
Traps - Shortly after beginning this boss fight, 3 traps will appear on the floor in random places around the room. The purpose of these traps is to make the adds vulnerable to damage by dragging them through them. The traps will go off (and disappear) if a player, the boss, or an add steps on them; it is very important to make sure that the adds are the only ones that set foot in the traps. Once an add sets off a trap, it will scream in say chat and become vulnerable to attack. Make sure the add is killed immediately - if you take too long it will become invulnerable again.
Curse Explosion - The boss will cast a skill called Curse Explosion at certain points in the fight. If you have used all the traps successfully you should have 1 add left when the boss casts this skill. Don't worry, this skill will kill one (and only one) add. Unfortunately, this skill also does massive damage to players. The best thing to do when you see this skill being cast is to run away from the boss, as it is a short range attack and only has a range of 50 or so (if I had to guess).
Boss Fight Execution - The easiest way to do this fight is to circle the largest concentration of traps with your entire party. Once the trap or traps you are surrounding have been expended, move to next closest trap. Be very careful not to step in them yourself - if you screw up and waste a trap you will have at least 1 unkillable add running around the rest of the fight. You need to make use of the traps fairly quickly, as they will disappear right before the boss casts curse explosion (~1 minute after the traps first appear). After curse explosion, the cycle begins again and a new set of traps and adds will spawn.
Sidenote (NPC Skills) - There are two skills that an NPC can supply you right outside the boss room. The first skill allows you to "rock" yourself, causing adds to ignore you but making you unable to move or use any skills. The second skill allows you to unrock your allies by casting it on them at close range. The use of these skills is undoubtedly the way Runewalker intended this fight to work, but in practice it is much simpler and easier to ignore these skills completely.



Trash Mobs - Boss #1 to Boss #2
Tygistor's Son - These mobs have an attack called Fire Punishment. When you see a cast bar by that name, everyone must group up together immediately. This skill will do 120k damage on one random person divided by the amount of people grouped on top of that person. When you first aggro these mobs they will cast Fire Punishment immediately, so make sure you are grouped up before you pull.


Boss #2 - Tygistor (8.5 million HP, 9 mementos)
Lava Flame - This boss will put a debuff called Lava Flame on one random person in the party. The skill icon looks like flame (mage skill) and it is very important to watch out for. This debuff will silence and damage the player for 10% HP every 2 seconds for its entire duration. The person who gets this debuff needs to move away from the group to a range of 150-200 (whatever max heal range is). When the debuff ends, the player will explode and cause 60% damage to himself and anyone close to him. A fire AOE will also be placed on the ground in the location where the player was standing when the debuff ended. The healers need to do their best to keep the person with the debuff at full health or they will most likely die.
Fire Punishment - This boss has the same skill as the Tygistor's Son trash mobs. To recap, when you see a cast bar by the name of Fire Punishment ____, everyone must group up together immediately. This skill will do 120k damage on one random person divided by the amount of people grouped on top of that person.
Lightning - There are lightning bolts which will come from the statues on either side of the room. These do minimal damage on their own, but the damage is multiplied when your party is grouped up. Even with your party grouped the damage is almost negligible, but you will be interrupted and silenced by this skill as well.
Boss Fight Execution - This boss fight is fairly straightforward. I usually turn the boss around (seen in the video) but I'm not actually sure if it's necessary or not, it's just habit at this point. You should have everyone in your party looking out for the Lava Flame debuff, as it is very easy to miss because of all the other debuffs you get during the fight (don't worry about these, they are just DoTs). Do this and group up for Fire Punishment and this boss is a cakewalk compared to Angerfang.



Trash Mobs - Boss #2 to Boss #3
Tomb Scorpion / Man-Eating Scorpion - These mobs will put a debuff on the tank called Armor Corrosion which will decrease his physical defense. If you get too many of these stacked, you should wait for the debuff to wear off before proceeding.
Kareem - Keep following this beetle from the beginning of the hallway after 2nd boss. It will eventually grow bigger and you will have to kill it to open the door to the 3rd boss room.
Crypt Beetles - Inside the 3rd boss room there will be beetles on either side of the room near the door. Pull these beetles into the hallway and kill them. They will put a dot on you called Bug Acid on you.


Boss #3 - Linobia (8 million HP, 13 mementos)
Beetles - There are two kinds of beetles that will spawn out of the coffins during this boss fight: crypt beetles and tomb beetles. The crypt beetles cast a skill which buffs the boss’s damage. The tomb beetles will explode on contact with a player and do massive damage. It is imperative that you have a dps assigned to kill the beetles 100% of the time, especially the tomb beetles. A mage is ideal and almost a requirement, but it is possible to do with other classes (you really need a spammable AOE and/or a ranged attack).
Poison Cloud - Party members will get poisoned and a purple cloud will appear around them. It is very important to be spread out when you have this purple cloud, as it will deal damage to yourself and anyone adjacent to you.
Boss Fight Execution - The boss fight aside from the beetle component is basically a tank and spank. The boss resides in the back-left corner of the room and it’s best to tank him in that general area and not in the middle of the coffins. In fact, it’s best to have as many party members as possible in the back of the room away from the coffins.



Trash Mobs - Boss #3 to Boss #4
Tomb Scorpion / Man-Eating Scorpion - These mobs will put a debuff on the tank called Armor Corrosion which will decrease his physical defense. If you get too many of these stacked, you should wait for the debuff to wear off before proceeding.
Crypt Beetles - These mobs will put a dot called Bug Acid on you.
Rock Guardian - This guy will slow your entire party and encase one of them in rock. The rock will wear off eventually so don't worry about it too much. Once you get into the 4th boss room, there are 4 of these mobs that must be cleared before you start the boss fight, so start working your way around the room in a circle.


Boss #4 - Yinha (8.5 million HP, 13 mementos)
Yinha's Red Shield - There is a red barrier surrounding this boss. Anyone standing in this barrier will take 300% more magic damage from the boss. Because of this, it is very important that whoever has aggro needs to be outside this red shield when the boss does any of his attacks. It is ideal to have a ranged DPS hold aggro on the boss, it is very dangerous for any melee dps or the tank to have aggro during this fight.
Gravel - This skill will be repeatedly cast on whoever has aggro during this fight. This skill is just a basic attack and it nothing to worry about unless you are standing inside the boss's red shield.
Giant Gravel - This attack will hit everyone in the party, regardless of your positioning. When you see the cast bar for this skill, anyone standing in the boss's red shield should back up out of the shield until they have taken the damage from the skill. After everyone is hit by this attack, a debuff will be put on one random party member (I'm not sure of the name, I'll edit this post later if I can get it). When this debuff ends, this person and anyone standing near them will be covered with rocks. If you notice you have the debuff, get away from your group members and do not stand in the red shield. You cannot move or cast while you are trapped in the rocks. The only way to un-rock yourself is to be hit with Heavy Invasion.
Heavy Invasion - The boss will switch targets to one random person in the party and cast this skill, Heavy Invasion. Whoever this attack is cast on will be flung high into the air. Anyone standing near (range of 25-50) will also be flung into the air. If someone who is rocked is flung into the air, the rocks will break and that person will be free to move around and cast once more.
Slowing Whirlpool - A grayish sand whirlpool will appear on the ground under one random person. Any players standing in this whirlpool will have a debuff put on them that slows. This debuff can stack, slowing the player more for every stack on them. Move out of this whirlpool immediately if it appears underneath you, as being slowed will screw you over if the boss casts Sand Storm.
Sand Storm - The boss will say "Targeting Disruption Activated" and cast this skill simutaneously. Right before he starts casting this skill, everyone will be pulled to the boss's location (WA 2nd boss style). There is no way to predict when you are going to be pulled in, so pay attention. Run out of the red shield surrounding the boss immediately. If you are not out of the shield by the time the boss finishes his cast, you will most likely be one-shot.
Boss Fight Execution - This boss fight is pretty self-explanatory if you understand all his abilities. He will use his skills in a random order. Just make sure you remove the rocks off of people who need it and move out of the red shield when needed and you should be fine.



Trash Mobs - Boss #4 to Boss #5
Mummy Hallway #1 - In the hallway continuing from the 4th boss's room, there will be a pat along with coffins on the side of the room. A Limon Mummy mob will spawn from each of these coffins. These mobs will put a contagious debuff on some members of your party which will likely spread to everyone else. These debuffs can only be cleansed by the druid general skill Antidote. Once a party member is cleansed they should stay away from those who still have the debuff as it can easily be spread once again. You should do this cleansing out of battle before the next mob pulls.
Mummy Intermission - The room following the first mummy hallway has a LOT of mobs and pats. The easiest and safest way to clear this room is by having a druid use Spirit Guidance on as many mobs as possible (guards and guardians can be turned) and clearing the remainder the typical way. If you do not have a druid, you will need to be very careful about your pulls and probably implement some kind of crowd control.
Mummy Hallway #2 - This hallway is probably the hardest trash clear in the instance. Like the hallway before, there will be coffins lining the walls that will spawn mummies. Unlike before, the mummies will spawn infinitely while you are standing in the hallway. There is also a Giant Rune Guardian and a Sacrificer standing at the end of the hallway that must be killed before the door to the next room opens. The Sacrificer will heal the Giant Rune Guardian and the Giant Rune Guardian will cast a skill called Energized Strike that will cause a significant AOE to hit anyone near him. The best way to clear this hallway is to move slowly down the hallway moving from each set of coffins to the next and killing all mobs before you progress. Once you get to the end, kill the Sacrificer and then the Giant Rune Guardian, making sure that someone is interrupting Energized Strike cast by the Giant Rune Guardian. Once these two mobs are dead, move between the pillars on either side of the far end of the hallway and kill the remaining mummies. Do not move any farther than this as there are mobs you don't want to aggro yet in the next room. Cleanse your party of the mummy debuff and continue. There is a video below of the clearing of this room.
Boss Room Mobs - The room after the 2nd mummy hallway is the boss room, but there are 6 mobs that need to be killed before you can start the boss fight. There should be 6 Giant Rune Guardians standing in your path, 3 on either side of the room. These mobs have a very large aggro range so make sure you only grab one at a time. As before, make sure you interrupt the skill Energized Strike and stay at range if you aren't the tank or a melee dps in case you miss. These mobs also cast Rune Reverse, which if you recall is a skill from Hall of Survivors that will reflect 4k damage each time you attack the mob with it on. It is far less lethal than it was back at level 55, so don't worry about this skill too much.



Boss #5 - Anubis (8 million HP, 15 mementos)
Death's Power - The boss will say "The power of darkness shall sweep over all!" and cast this skill simultaneously. This skill will fear the entire party for roughly 2-3 seconds.
Flames of Fury - This skill works like Fire Punishment from 2nd boss. When you see the boss say "Feel the wrath of the flames!" or the cast bar, your entire party needs to group up. This skill will do 120k damage on one random person divided by the amount of people grouped on top of that person.
Death Storm - The boss will say "Defilers of the tomb, you shall feel the stormy fury of the death god!" and cast this skill simultaneously. When cast, this skill will put a debuff on one random party member. This debuff will cause the affected player to deal damage to and interrupt any adjacent players. Keep distance between you and people with this debuff, as it can be a real nuisance and cannot be cleansed.
Black Magic - The boss will say "Feel the suffering of my people!" and cast this skill simultaneously. All party members will be caught in a trap and rooted in place, as well as take damage every 1-2 seconds for 9 seconds total.
Dark Bonds - The boss will say "Come forth, champion of my people!" and cast this skill simultaneously. One party member will have the Dark Bonds debuff put on them. This debuff works like a rogue's Shadow Prison and prevents the player from moving or casting anything. A Limon Warrior will spawn at the same time as the debuff is cast. The only way to get rid of Dark Bonds on the affected player is to kill the spawned add.
Tomb Beetles - The boss will say "Come forth my minions!", there is no cast bar for this ability. Two tomb beetles will spawn. They are not much of a danger as they do not explode on contact like 2nd boss, but they should be killed quickly anyway.
Dust Sanction - The boss will say "Suffer the punishment of the sands!" and cast this skill simultaneously. All party members will be thrown into the air and contract a debuff that slows casting speed. This debuff should be cleansed asap, especially on healers and mages.
Boss Fight Execution - The boss seems to follow a pattern of alternating the use of Death's Power (group fear) and one random skill from this list for most of the fight. This fight is very simple to understand, but depending on the skill order of the boss it can be pretty difficult. There are debuffs that will stack up on every member of the party that decrease heals received in lieu of a enrage timer.
In Case of Wipe... - If you wipe on this boss fight, you will most likely have to all res out of the instance. The mummies in the hallway before the boss room will still spawn infinitely, so you will have to run through as a group and kill them again.


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